Reactive Oxygen Species and Systems


  • Protein Carbonylation: Principles, Analysis and Biological Implications.(Wiley Series on Mass Spectrometry. Eds. Wiley) In this book, edited by Prof. J. Ros, research groups from several areas of interest have contributed to update the knowledge regarding detection, analyses and identification of carbonylated proteins and the sites where these modifications occur.More information

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Ten Spanish groups from six different Autonomous Communities with internationally recognized scientific excellence on relevant aspects related with basic and applied research on oxidative and nitrosative stress joined their efforts in 2007, to establish the first national platform in this area. This consortium made significant progress on several related aspects including redox-mediated postranslational modifications, development of new models for the study of oxidative stress, establishment of novel concepts regarding the organization of the mitochondrial transport chain and the regulation of bioenergetics metabolism in different systems.

Equipo Investigación 2010 sin tituloThese groups have joined again in order to consolidate the former as well as to promote a series of actions related to training in this specific area, dissemination of knowledge in redox biology and establishment of programmes that foster long lasting interactions among the components of the next generation of scientists.

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  • Redox biology as a major drive to the understanding of pathophysiology: contributions from the CONSOLREDOX network. Salamanca April 2018. More information in Events

  • Non coding RNA-mediated metabolic regulation in health and  disease. Workshop "Current Trends in Biomedicine". More information in Events
  • Thiol Oxidation in toxicity and signalling.  EMBO Workshop. September  2017. More information  in Events
  • XI Reunión del Grupo Español de Investigación en Radicales Libres (GEIRLI). More information in Events
  • Thiol Based Redox regulation  & Signaling. Gordon Research Conference. More information in Events